Interior Detailing

Vacuum all surfaces, including carpets, upholstery dash, door panels, every crevice. (total dust removal)
Light degreaser to remove all residue.
Apply a dressing to protect all plastic surfaces and add shine.
Clean carpets and upholstery with a liquid extractor.
Leather conditioning.
Leather protectant.
Carpet protectant.
Pet hair removal.
Stain removal.
Clean headliner.
Clean seat belts.

Exterior Detailing

Handwash (includes microfiber glove and towels to wipe down surfaces)
Drywash (light rinse-off with a environment friendly chemical solution applied directly to microfiber gloves and towels)
 Wash wheels with all purpose cleaner to remove break dust and any dirt/debris.
Wheel polishing.
Clean tires with all purpose cleaner.
Dress tires to protect rubber and add shine.
Clean wheel wells.
Engine cleaning (use degreaser, once finished a dressing is applied to make your engine look as new as possible.)
Clay bar/nano-pad to remove fall-out(airborne particles).
Wax (synthetic 1-2 month protection)
Wax (Carnuba 3-6 month protection)
Paint sealing (lasts 9-12 months)
Paint Correction / Compound (remove scuff marks, remove or reduce scratches)
Paint polish (use polishing pad to remove light oxidation, light scratches, adds maximum shine)
Headlight restoration.
Window polishing (removes oxidation/water marks)
Chrome polish.