• Routine Maintenance & Washing

Routine maintenance and washing prevents elements such as road grime, pollen and sap from causing damage to the surface of your paint. Proper care also makes the protectants more durable and helps your vehicle's paint last longer so you can keep that new car look.

• Decontamination Products and Claybar

Decontamination products and claybar helps to remove industrial fall out, which are airborne particles such as metal, fragments, road grime and acidic elements that become embedded on the vehicle's paint surfaces. This causes paint to feel rough, and if not removed, can lead to oxidation, etching and paint failure.

• What Paid Protection Provides

Paid protection is very important. It prevents UV damage and harmful elements from damaging your paint's surface. Here at Slick Look Auto Detailing, we offer wax, sealants and ceramic coatings. Carnauba wax lasts about 4-5 months, paint sealant lasts 8-12 months, and ceramic coatings last a period of 2-5 years.

• Polishing and Compounds

Polishing and compounds help remove paint imperfections such as scratches, oxidation and water spots. This will also add a smooth surface to your vehicle's paint, giving it reflective gloss and shine.

• Keeping Interior Surfaces Clean in Your Vehicle

It's good for your health! Slick Look Auto Detailing helps keep the dust levels down (for your allergies), removes germs and viruses that build up on your surfaces, and keeps your vehicle's surfaces looking new.